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Fiercely Free Friday

On this Fiercely Free Friday, I was grateful as I reflected on how the internet has amazingly served to meet many of our needs to stay connected. And might I add, highly instrumental during the pandemic. Zoom and similar platforms have served as the next thing close to being there. On the flip side, as we endeavor to build rich, authentic connections, it is of utmost importance that we mindfully are aware of becoming disconnected.

While the use of technology is vital in growing and enhancing relationships, it should never replace them. Building strong, long-term relationships is challenging if we are not genuinely connected. As one of many who appreciates and values opportunities to connect and make lasting connections, I enthusiastically encourage you, my sister, that we make time to intentionally connect in ways that touch one another that extend beyond techy touches that support our desire to touch hearts and build lasting relationships

Fiercely Free Social Wellness Affirmation

'What I do today to connect with someone can touch their heart and improve their tomorrow.'

6 Social Wellness Ingredients

  1. STOP the BUSY!

  2. Take time to slow down and LISTEN to what God places upon your heart.

  3. Call someone you haven't spoken to in awhile.

  4. Put empathy on overload.

  5. No questions asked: send a love note to someone God places on your heart.

  6. Schedule a safe, face-to-face laughter break with a friend.

  7. Love on purpose! Live authentically. Laugh contagiously!

Call to Action

Based on your body's story, when you inspire people to feel seen, heard, and valued, you are empowered to integrate one of the fierce Social Wellness ingredients that nurture your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

'Join the 'Me-Time Movement!'


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