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Cheryl A.S. Hurley

| About Cheryl A.S. Hurley, CEO of Empowered to Inspire You 

Welcome to the heart of Empowered to Inspire You, where transformation happens, dreams are realized, and potential is unleashed. Meet Cheryl A.S. Hurley, our visionary CEO, and a formidable force of empowerment.

Empowering Lives Through Leadership


Cheryl serves as the Dean of Students at the Tree of Life Institute for Biblical Studies and is the Ministry Leader for the Faithful and Fabulous Women's Ministry. Additionally, she is one-half of the dynamic Empowerment Coaching duo at Executive Beauty.

Passion for Empowering Potential

As a Certified Life Coach, Cheryl passionately unlocks potential and maximizes opportunities. Her coaching approach creates a safe and open space for clients to clarify intentions, expand possibilities, and reach new heights.


A Three-Step Process for Transformation


Through her unique three-step process of empowerment, inspiration, and cultivation, Cheryl guides individuals to conquer fears, achieve dreams, and realize their unique purpose.


Strength in Leadership and Communication


Cheryl's strength of character shines in areas of administration and organizational communication. Attendees at her workshops and seminars consistently testify to the positive impact of her coaching sessions—describing them as inspiring, energetic, and transformative.


Personal Journey and Commitment to Others


Cheryl's personal journey of overcoming struggles and depression deeply informs her commitment to helping others. "My ongoing journey of personal discovery happened while on my committed journey of helping others," she candidly shares.


Credentials and Professional Development


Born in Philadelphia, Cheryl combines her positive influence with a career as a Life Coach, holding certifications from prestigious institutions such as Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®, the Institute for Family Professionals (IFP), and the American Association of Christian Counselors. She also holds a Director's Credential from Northampton Community College, a Certified Biblical Counselor, a Certified Prepare and Enrich Counselor (PREP™), a Certified HIV Instructor, and a Certified Addictions Counselor.


She completed studies at Eastern University’s Business and Organizational Leadership Program in May 2017.


Licensed and Ordained Minister and Ongoing Growth


Licensed as a Minister in 2003 and ordained in 2005, Cheryl is committed to ongoing professional development, making her an extraordinary leader in empowerment and inspiration.


Welcome to Cheryl's World


Cheryl conducts individual and group coaching sessions, workshops and webinars throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Welcome to Cheryl's world, where transformation happens, dreams are realized, and potential is unleashed.

| What people are saying about Chery A. S. Hurley 

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