My prayer is that you find yourself spiritually renewed after reading this book and on an experiential journey that allows God to fulfill His purpose for your life!



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Empowered, Resilient and Uniquely You!

Empowered, Resilient and Uniquely YOU! inspires women with real talk and shares wisdom nuggets that teach how to become resilient gems. It is an inspirational journal book for women who desire to LIVE an authentic and meaningful life on PURPOSE.

30 days of Power Affirmations to accompany

Empowered, Resilient and Uniquely YOU!



Financial Beauty is a “How-To” Workbook purposefully designed to transform your attitude about and relationship with wealth so that you can have more of it. We created this workbook because we, too, are committed to transformation in wealth. Both of us (the authors) have experienced the difficulty of living in debt and are learning the meaning of wealth. We share our personal stories and our lessons, and what the experts say. We expect that if you stay committed to this 30- Day Program, you will raise your awareness about spending, giving and saving.


Financial Beauty

New Release!


YOU Matter!

Start your journey toward wellness and self-care with the YOU Matter! journal, a 30 day self-care action plan using the 4 Promises of Selfish Generosity.

Set Apart and Chosen is the intricate look into the lives of twenty extraordinary women who have overcome great odds to walk fully in the gift God has given them.


Set Apart and Chosen


The Mom in Me

How do you navigate this thing called motherhood? How do you handle kids being bullied, the child that has a disability, the child that is incarcerated, the child who has a parent incarcerated, the child battling depression, parenting while depressed, parenting through domestic violence, or the child that gets pregnant?

We are excited to present The Mom in Me – Stories of moms who have survived parenting. This amazing book covers all the topics above and more.

New Release!

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