Are you male or female? Are you in search of your life purpose? Have you identified the most important relationship of all? Have you experienced disappointments, struggles in your relationship or effects of a broken relationship? Are you confronted with natural thoughts? Do you feel that you’re in a spiritual battle? Do you know God’s plans for your life? And last but not least – have you heard God speak to you? If you find that you fall into one of the categories above, I want you to know that you are not alone. Many of us have felt chided as a result of decisions that we made. However, in many cases, we are being challenged spiritually to go a little deeper and soar higher.


Purchase a signed copy of He Speaks By His Spirit: and His Sheep Hear His Voice to find yourself spiritually renewed and on an experiential journey that allows God to fulfill His purpose for your life!

He Speaks By His Spirit: and His Sheep Hear His Voice


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