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In a world where altars have been replaced with stages and theatrics, it seems many are forgetting about the creator of it all. In a season where everything was halted, we were reminded of the things that really mattered. When life is forging forward at full speed the things of God seem to dwindle away. Yet, when tragedy strikes prayers increase and we turn to the greatest comforter of them all. In the midst of chaos and confusion is not the only time we should seek the face of God. He is with us always and desires to have relationship with us.But some may ask, Am I so far removed that God does not hear my prayers anymore? Does God really care about me?

Yes, God cares, He is the lover of your soul. He has a great track record of forgiveness, comfort, healing, support, and restoration. He is everything you need him to be, even when you think you are not deserving. You will see in the pages of this book the undeniable love of God and how he cares for his children. If you feel like God is far from you, I assure you, it is you who moved, not Him. He is ever-present!

Some may ask, What’s God got to do with it? I can assure you He has EVERYTHING to do with it!

What's God Got to Do With It?: Undeniable Stories of God's Grace & Mercy


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