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Empowered to Inspire YOU: Ruminating on Purpose

We are a great tribe of fierce women capable of anything we set our minds to; we just all need to hold onto our faith and a little inspiration from others.

How many of you are tired of hiding behind the belief that you aren't good enough or

that you don't matter? Do you realize this negative thinking is often associated with the back story you tell yourself based on past experiences? It also affects your everyday thoughts and undermines the actions you take. Negative thinking reinforces the lies you tell yourself, the belief that everyone is better than you, and the habit of comparing yourself with others. Allowing destructive thoughts and feelings to control your life weakens healthy relationships. As one passionate about relationship building, I courageously challenge individuals to think about what they are ruminating on.

But when you pause to think about it, have you ever taken time to assess why you criticize YOURSELF? It's straightforward. You criticize yourself and others because you are unaware that you have been telling yourself a "story" about yourself and others. Those stories start with "I AM NOT ENOUGH" or "I DON'T MATTER." Think about that: I don't matter, or I am not good enough.

You might not know it, but when you tell yourself the story "I DON'T MATTER" or "I AM NOT ENOUGH," you feel ashamed. Those uncomfortable feelings cloud your judgment about others. Conflict erupts, hurt feelings last, jealousy rears its head, and you get into a rut you can't escape. The question is, how do you break a cycle of negative thinking that leads to self-imposed limitations? In an e-course that a colleague and I created – 'Think You Don't Matter? Think You Aren't Enough? Think Again!' We developed the following solution that teaches a concept that empowers you to ruminate on purpose and with purpose:

Change your thoughts to change your story: Change your story and master your life.

Whenever we think of relationships, how often do we give thought to the relationship with ourselves? I realize that we rarely pay attention to how well our relationship with ourselves is progressing. Dependent upon our thoughts, we can become our own fiercest critics and allow self-imposed limitations to dictate our everyday walking around life.

There have been times in my life that required me to take meaningful moments to pinpoint why I was having a challenging time trying to maneuver a couple of things, which was quite unusual. In taking time to ruminate on purpose, I discovered that the challenge was due to self-imposed limitations I had unintentionally placed upon myself based on my back story.

What I learned and now teach others is that a willingness to break the chains of self-imposed limitations requires you to have a purpose in your heart to take a deep look into the mirror of your soul to unpack the root cause of the difficulties you face. It will challenge you to acknowledge that you have not only placed limitations upon yourself but also unintentionally accepted them as truth. I can't emphasize enough the importance of understanding that the story we tell ourselves will determine the action steps we take. At that moment, I chose to draw upon my inner strength to refocus my thinking. The limitations I had imposed upon myself interfered with my ability to move to the next level.

My newly acquired belief about my capabilities changed the basis of my thinking. I felt empowered and immediately began to see those challenges as an opportunity to change my thoughts and master my life. The strategies I learned to fuel my passion to actively coach women to grasp the significance of not allowing negative thinking to control their lives. This can limit their perception of who they are and what they can accomplish.

Are you experiencing negative thinking that may be a result of self-imposed limitations? If so, how will you commit to making the change that empowers you to master the challenge of moving past those limitations? During moments of difficulty, I encourage you to close your eyes, tap into YOUR power source, examine your thoughts to rid your mind of negative thinking, open your eyes, and walk in your power!

If you struggle with thinking you don't matter and you're not good enough, consider visiting our website at: to learn more about our "Think Again" e-course designed to empower you to ruminate on purpose with purpose.

Empowered to Inspire YOU!



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