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Follow Your Dreams!

Always remember to follow your dreams! Embrace the process. No matter how often you fail, get back up again, push a little harder, and never give up.

My name is Dr. Carlita H. Tabb, and I've always had big dreams growing up. When I was younger, my mom would take my sister and me to the mall every weekend. My 8-year-old daughter and I often indulge in the mall, thanks to my mom. I would always admire the different styles in stores. I would notice the bright colors and the variety of accessories to match. Each week we visited the mall, I would use my visual eye to blend different styles. From this point on, I knew I had a love for fashion.

During college, I would conduct fashion shows where I love to style individuals. The fun part was engaging in the mall experience and using that visual eye to create unique looks and styles. I hosted fashion shows for four years until I graduated. Family and friends would look forward to this event every year. Additionally, the models were excited to walk the runway. This brought me so much joy.

Although I graduated as an education major, there was still this sense of passion for fashion. Years later, I found myself dreaming of owning a fashion boutique. In January 2020, this dream came true. I would often ride by the Elkins Park area with my family. One day I instantly told my husband that the store on the corner would one day become mine. By the grace of God, the building became available three months later. I was in shock when I noticed the "For Rent" sign. I instantly wrote down the phone number and called the landlord. The following week I went to visit the location and fell in love. I called my husband, who is always supportive of my dreams. He said 'Carlita, let's do it.' I completed the application and was approved. In my mind, it was either now or never. I chose to activate faith over fear. Although it was a scary opening during a pandemic, I knew God would take care of me. Always remember that if God leads you to the vision, he will see you through.

Fast forward to 2023. My boutique Sass and Style, has been in existence for three years. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. There are times when you will have doubts. The road may be a little rough; however, never give up. Always remember why you started. There are going to be weeks where you make 10 to 15 sales. Then there may be weeks in which you only have five sales; however, always embrace both. Don't become discouraged, and never, ever give up. Stay consistent, build relationships with your clients, create a unique store, and, most importantly, create a welcoming environment for everyone.

Although I owned another business (a daycare), this new adventure was quite different. On my mission to open my boutique, it was vital to visit other boutiques to get a general idea of how to run a boutique. I received tons of insight about pricing, marketing, merchandise, etc. It's also essential to find a business bestie—someone who can relate to the business world and who you can vent when needed.

When clients walk into Sass and Style, it's about something other than making a sale. I want this to be an experience. I want to learn about the individuals that walk through our doors. I want to build trust and relationships. I want my clients to find unique styles you rarely see on the streets. And most importantly, I want my clients to become not only clients but also family.

If God has given you a dream, please don't ignore that dream. You will only know your potential once you try. With hard work, consistency, and passion, you can accomplish anything. Don't live with regrets. This is going to be an easy journey. However, if it were easy, everyone would do it. Just know that you were made to stand out. It's OK to dream big. Additionally, if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough.

About our Guest Contributor

Dr. Carlita H. Tabb has been married for ten years and is the proud mom of two children. She proudly owns "Milestones Enrichment Academy" a daycare in Fishtown. She also owns Sass and Style Boutique and Sass and Style Kids. Dr. Carlita is an avid traveler and enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Dr. Carlita has a strong passion for education and fashion, which led to opening her daycare and clothing boutique. Eight years ago, she explored many daycares for her baby girl Milan. As an educator, Dr. Carlita searched for a school with hands-on kinesthetic learning. This approach would prepare her daughter for the future supported by passionate and caring teachers. Out of all of her visits, none of the daycares had what she was searching for. Therefore, Dr. Carlita decided to open her daycare. With a background in early childhood education, she was confident that she could develop a successful daycare for children to thrive, and she did!

She joyfully forms relationships with everyone who walks through the doors of Sass and Style. Additionally, having an eye for style, she empowers her clients with unique pieces not often seen on the streets. Sass and Style is a boutique that is welcoming, full of life, and full of color. They are not just a boutique; they are an experience.

For more information, please visit her at:


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