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Fiercely Free Friday

"Joy is a choice based on being content regardless of circumstances. Understanding what encourages joy in your life can help you cultivate it and build up your resources for when circumstances are difficult." - M. Ahlers

In recent months, I have spent more time doing one thing that brings me joy - journaling! I LOVE journaling as it allows me to tap into my creative side and transfer my thoughts into beautiful expressions of encouragement for myself and others. Each day, I grab my journal and pen and look for intentional moments in a quiet space to journal. Every day, my pen introduces me to a meaningful way that brings me joy and makes me joyfully laugh out loud - on purpose! I have an even greater appreciation as my journaling supports my emotional coping, creates more focus and insight, and adds powerfully to my life story.

Beloved, know this...Joyfully embrace without hesitation that you are set apart and chosen. As one of the King's heirs, we are privileged to ASK, SEEK, and KNOCK. What a humbling privilege it is to praise God for sustaining us, for His provisions joyfully, and His unmerited favor! Our God is a safe harbor in a turbulent world. On this Fiercely Free Friday, allow the power of the pen to empower YOU.

Fierce Physical Wellness Affirmation

'...commit to engaging in a social connection that brings forth a hearty laugh on purpose that fuels your spirit and helps promote your overall wellness.' - Cheryl A.S. Hurley

6 Physical Wellness Ingredients

  1. Focus on feelings to decrease stress.

  2. Set aside 15-20 minutes to exercise the power of the pen daily.

  3. Increase clarity for greater focus.

  4. Change your mindset.

  5. Welcome inspiration.

  6. Track your goals.

Call to Action

Based on your body's story, commit to using journaling as a tool for raising awareness, learning, and growing that empowers you to integrate one of the fierce Mental Wellness ingredients that nurture your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

'Join the 'Me-Time Movement!'


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