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Fiercely Free Friday

A willingness to be transparent is an essential component of our emotional wellness.

I cannot stress enough how critical this action step is to our being unique. As we walk in integrity, being honest with ourselves and others empowers us to operate in authenticity and accountability. It also equips us to fiercely and confidently encourage others, in love, towards spiritual growth or be challenged to examine our position of transparency.

Transparency requires vulnerability, which can be frightening. It also requires courage to live life authentically and joyfully. Listen, my fiercely free sisters, as we show up for one another, embrace the truth that the heart of living transparently is less about us and more about God and what He desires to do in and through us. Through transparency, we can love and encourage one another on purpose and with purpose.

Fierce Emotional Wellness Affirmation

'When I own my truth, I am empowered to be legitimately Me! '

6 Emotional Wellness Ingredients

  1. Activate greater trust.

  2. Stop hiding behind perfectionism.

  3. Own your truth.

  4. Stop comparing yourself to others.

  5. Appreciate your strengths and take ownership of your weaknesses.

  6. Learn to love the whole of YOU - Mind, Body, and Spirit!

Call to Action

Based on the story your body is telling you, challenge yourself to be honest about your short-comings and set a plan for growth that empowers you to integrate one of the fierce emotional wellness ingredients that nurture your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

'Join the 'Me-Time Movement!'


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