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Fiercely Free Friday

Authenticity is fundamental to relationships. Now more than ever, we must utilize the power of authenticity to build trust, resolve conflicts, and create cohesion. I have come to believe deep down inside each of us is a desire to make sense of the adversity we face. In its most authentic state, trouble has a way of crushing us and making us feel ultimately defeated. I know that for me, as a very analytical person, I felt the need to find ways to create something meaningful out of the situations I faced. Instead of focusing on the impact of those experiences, I intentionally began to look for the opportunities they created.

When we begin to shift our perspective, we can glean a fresh understanding of the opportunities that the challenges we face present. This shift positions us to see the rainbow beyond the clouds. Surprisingly, the challenges we experience are often necessary steps in walking into the fullness of being unapologetically who we are today. It may seem strange to some, but without the experiences, both good and bad, we wouldn't have the capacity to be our authentic self - walking in our purpose.

As I reflect on the challenge that afternoon, which dared me to become completely vulnerable, I am eternally grateful to my sister-friend. That challenge shifted my perspective on adversity and was instrumental in helping me become adamant about living life on purpose and talking freely to others about how to turn their pain into purpose. For this, I am grateful!

Fiercely Free Mental Wellness Affirmation

'Instead of giving attention to what, how, and why that happened 'to me,' I commit to focusing on my perspective that this is happening 'for me.'

6 Mental Wellness Ingredients

  1. Shift your mindset.

  2. Trust the Process.

  3. Grow through the challenges.

  4. Fuel your faith, not your fear.

  5. Chart your course.

  6. Celebrate small wins.

Call to Action

Based on your body's story, as you abandon fear and fuel your faith, you will find yourself charting your course to live an abundant life full of promise and purpose that empowers you to purposely integrate one of the fierce Mental Wellness ingredients that nurture your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

'Join the 'Me-Time Movement!'


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