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Fiercely Free Friday

I get so excited and applaud my phenomenal sisters, who recognize and embrace the importance of taking time out for themselves. There is absolutely nothing, and I repeat, nothing wrong with being selfless or generous with creating me-time moments. We must take time to rest, rejuvenate and focus on what we need.

I am grateful for the lessons it has taught me - the power of saying NO. I'm sure that, like I, some of you may have felt guilty about saying no. I no longer feel guilty as I embrace the significance of establishing personal margin. When we consider our self-care, maintaining personal margin is critical. If we aren't mindful, we can often be pulled in many directions and, as a result, find ourselves running on fumes. One of the most powerful lessons we can appreciate is the value of saying no to the good things, which allows us to say yes to the best things. Because YOU matter, what is one thing you can immediately say no to that will position YOU to say yes to the best things?

I lovingly challenge you to expand the lens of your focus. Be mindful of what you are giving attention to so that it does not throw you off track for needed self-care. Your mind, body, and spirit will say, 'thank you.'

When you choose to practice self-love intentionally, you give yourself permission to thrive and be who God called you to be - Uniquely YOU! Dare to set aside 'me-time, "which sends a message to your internal person that says, ' I Matter'! 'I'm Worth it!' and 'I 'm Good Enough!'

Fiercely Free Physical Wellness Affirmation

'I give myself permission to love and accept myself just as I am today—not down the line when I create some better version of myself.'

6 Physical Wellness Ingredients

  1. Take 'me-time' without apology.

  2. Meditate.

  3. Go for a relaxing walk.

  4. Unplug for a day just for you.

  5. Have a Netflix Chill Day.

  6. Laugh out loud on purpose!

Call to Action

Based on your body's story, you deserve to take a few minutes TODAY to love yourself, which empowers you to purposely integrate one of the fierce Physical Wellness ingredients that nurture your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

'Join the 'Me-Time Movement!'


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