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Fiercely Free Friday

Do you consider yourself to be a responsible person? How often do you find yourself saying yes to others but no to yourself? Do you realize that when you say yes to you, you are permitting yourself the opportunity to create a greater sense of self-awareness and purpose? What's even more impressive is that this sense of purpose is further cultivated by your engaging in an intentional regimen of self-care that empowers you to contribute to your uniqueness. The Result: A healthier relationship first with yourself and then with others! Remember, no matter how good you are, you can't, under any circumstances, pour from an empty vessel.

Fierce YOU Matter! Wellness Affirmation

'I commit to addressing my own needs first before trying to be helpful to others.'

6 YOU Matter! Wellness Ingredients

  1. Indulge in a dose of self-compassion.

  2. Give yourself more grace - GRATITUDE - REST - CARE - ACCEPTANCE - ENDURANCE.

  3. Practice the spiritual discipline of silence.

  4. Incorporate meditation into your self-care regimen.

  5. Minimize the spirit of busyness.

  6. Be accountable to YOU!

Call to Action

Based on your body's story, allow personal responsibility to transform your behavior, increase your ability to think critically, and empower you to integrate one of the fierce YOU Matter! wellness ingredients that nurture your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

'Join the 'Me-Time Movement!'


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