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Fiercely Free Friday

What is the beauty of your finances? Is your self-care interrupted with the financial stresses of paying off credit cards, not being able to retire when you want to, not having enough money to fund an emergency or lack of stable income? These are a few things that can impact our self-care's beauty as it relates to financial wellness.

There are many dimensions to our wellness, and the relationship we have with our finances is one of them. If that relationship is not healthy, we can find ourselves engaged in emotional spending. Emotional spending is where you buy something that isn't what you want in reality. The reality is that you are seeking something to make you happy, feel accepted, or minimize stress. Sound familiar, right? But the question is this: what action can you take which empowers you to welcome abundance?

Financial Wellness Affirmation

'I am financially empowered!'

6 Social Wellness Ingredients

  1. Create a financial wellness recipe tailored to compliment your overall self-care.

  2. Understand your spending habits.

  3. Establish realistic goals to minimize debt.

  4. Create an Emergency Fund.

  5. Embrace an abundance mindset.

  6. Create money affirmations as a part of your self-care.

Call to Action

Based on the story that your body is telling you, commit to developing a relationship with your finances that embraces a wellness mindset shift that welcomes abundance.

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