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Fiercely Free Friday

One of the most powerful yet challenging disciplines of my life as one with a servant-heart was learning to master the discipline of solitude. In my everyday, getting up and walking around life, I have come to both value and appreciate the discipline of developing a constant rhythm of solitude and community, stillness and action, engagement and retreat. As I intentionally practice wellness principles, I boldly acknowledge when I need times when I am not "on," and I do not have to be any particular way for anyone. I can and unapologetically be me. The discipline of solitude creates intentional moments where I can be alone in Yahweh's presence to rejuvenate my mind, body, and spirit. This needful act of self~love empowers me to say no to the good so that I can say yes to the best things.

On this fiercely free Friday, I challenge you, my sisters, in love, to not forsake the importance of implementing a discipline of solitude but recognize that the busier you are, the necessity of it. If you can only carve out 10 minutes a day, know that you are well worth it. #intentionalmetimemomentsmatter

Fiercely Free Spiritual lWellness Affirmation

'I give myself permission to make time for stillness first thing in the morning.'

6 Spiritual Wellness Ingredients

  1. Do nothing.

  2. Be still.

  3. Quiet your mind.

  4. Relax.

  5. Stop doing and master just being.

  6. Make this a daily habit.Declare I am good enough!

Call to Action

Based on your body's story, collect your thoughts and be present—at this moment - that empowers you to purposely integrate one of the fierce Spiritual Wellness ingredients that nurture your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

'Join the 'Me-Time Movement!'


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