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Fiercely Free Fridays

How many of you have found yourself comparing your story to the stories of others, particularly those you see on social media that may make you question your sense of self-worth or create feelings of envy and jealousy? The reality is this: you will never feel good enough if your "good" is defined by others' achievements or dependent on the approval, opinion, or actions of others. To take it a step further, do you understand that you can't even be happy for others' success when your comparison of them is more significant than your own, making you feel that they are better than you? Wellness is an ongoing process where we permit ourselves to live a God-centered life that empowers you to become your best self.

Fierce Emotional Wellness Affirmation

'Stop Comparing YOURSELF to Others!'

6 Emotional Wellness Ingredients

  1. Self-awareness

  2. Stop

  3. Embrace Imperfections

  4. Focus on YOUR Strengths

  5. Take Action Steps to Mange YOUR Emotions Constructively

  6. Fall in Love with Being Good Enough

Call to Action Based on the story your emotions are telling you, commit to not focusing on worrying about getting it perfect or being perfect. Instead, keep moving forward and strive to become the best person you can be in a way that honors your true identity as God's beloved!

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