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Fiercely Free Fridays

How many of you used to think that taking time for yourselves was getting your hair done or treating yourself to a mani/pedicure? While this can be considered a version of 'me-time' moments, think about what engaging in mindful me-time moments can look like. These are moments where you intentionally put aside not only the day-to-day multi-tasking of your never-ending to-do list but your me-time as well. I think we can agree that it is time to stop trying to fit ourselves into a bunch of busyness. Listen, when we are doing too much, we cannot be 100% present in the moment. I don't care how good you are; you can't do it! Are you ready to include you - with intentionality - into your schedule? How appealing does establishing meaningful me-time moments in a way that allows you to fill your cup that genuinely sustains a calm and replenished mind seem to you? Just think about that for a moment.

Fierce Physical Affirmation

'I cherish me-time moments to refuel so I can be the best version of myself!'

6 Fierce Physical Wellness Ingredients

  1. Listen to your body

  2. Schedule time for 'you.'

  3. Take a walk.

  4. Find an activity that rejuvenates your spirit.

  5. Unplug.

  6. Exercise the power of your pen - journal.

Call to Action

Based on the story your body is telling you, courageously commit to creating sacred moments to include you and empowers you to integrate one of the fierce physical wellness ingredients that nurture your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.



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