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A Cup of Inspiration: Don’t Leave the Table With YOUR Glass Half Full

What are you filling your cup with? Are you filling your cup with negativity? Are you filling your cup with doubt? Are you filling your cup with fear?

If so, consider emptying your cup and refilling it with things that will add value to your life. It is so easy to focus on what scares us. When we shift our thinking from negative to positive, we create space in our minds for creativity. We give ourselves room to be inspired, and our inspiration blooms into productivity.

A significant number of my life experiences, while varied, have taught me many valuable lessons. As an encourager, I have and continue to invest time speaking life to others. Walking in this truth with complete integrity, I acknowledge that there was a time when I spent more time taking care of others and neglected my self-care. I found myself on a journey of pouring out of my cup, taking care of everyone and everything while leaving little to nothing for myself.

Eventually, I found myself at the brink of running on empty. The dangers of allowing our cup to become bone dry can lead to burnout. Yes, I am very confident that we can attempt to be superwomen, mastering the task of multi-tasking and getting things done. We can often learn to master our goals, walking in our purpose, and mistakenly risk forsaking the most important person on our journey–ourselves.

"When you take care of yourself, you're a better person for others. When you feel good about yourself you treat others better." – Solange Knowles

To live an intentional life, we must establish me-time moments by laying a deliberate foundation. Here are some ways I found helpful on my journey to keeping a full cup:

  • Dare to be Vulnerable! It’s okay to be honest with yourself as well as with others.

  • Follow YOUR Truth! Know when to retreat. Your mind, body, spirit, family, and friends will appreciate you for it.

  • Own YOUR Voice! Un-apologetically say ‘no’ to things that distract you from keeping your cup full and living an intentional life of purpose.

When we establish purposeful me-time moments, they create meaningful opportunities for our commitment to live intentionally and on purpose. As you move forward this day, remember to not leave the table with your cup half-full. Why? Because YOU Matter!

Empowered to Inspire YOU!



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