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Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Smoothing the Edges Through Self-Care

Let’s admit it. Sometimes life gets busy. That is why it is essential to take care of yourself.

As individuals, we tend to run until we have nothing left and in the process we forget about ourselves. For instance, diamonds are very valuable jewels. They form in fiery volcanoes. At first glance they are imperfect and rough yet still beautiful. When attended to and cared for, diamonds are shaped into an even more beautiful stone. You are just like that diamond. You have gone through the fire and have some rough unshaped areas. Just like that diamond, your true beauty will shine with an adequate amount of care. Self-care is a great way to regulate your emotions, clarify your priorities, and keep yourself happy and healthy.

One very important aspect of learning to love yourself is setting boundaries. Brene’ Brown has a quote that says,

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.”

This is so empowering and takes courage when at times it feels as if people are pulling for a piece of you and you learn that saying no is not a bad word.

Showing up for ourselves and establishing boundaries teaches you how to practice self-love. I accomplish this through “Me-Time Moments”. Me-Time Moments are established times that I intentionally set aside just for me, myself and I. If I choose to invite someone into that space, it is someone who is able to compliment the moment and not distract me from such needful moments. Learning to care for ourselves with the same level we do for others may mean saying “no” to something in order to spend time doing something for yourself. While some may call it selfish – I call it needful.

I believe that the first step in this process is: a willingness to acknowledge where you lack boundaries; and boldly identifying and addressing what is blocking you from establishing boundaries to promote your self-care. Often, being stuck can be attributed to forsaking our well-being by feeling responsible for the welfare of others. Once you have identified the barriers that are interfering with you cultivating boundaries that allow you to shine like the diamond you are, courageously tear them down to stay free and identify supports to help you maintain your established boundaries. Some action steps to smooth the edges through self-care are:

  • Make sure your emotional wellness is a part of your self-care plan.

  • Define YOUR identity.

  • Protect yourself from violators.

  • Promote YOU! Protect yourself from the control of others.

  • Preserve your purpose and mission.

  • Satisfy your need for self-affirmation.

May I encourage you to be intentional in taking time to BE STILL. When we create moments of stillness, it allows us to meditate, hear and rejuvenate our inner self. Dare to take 10-15 minutes each day just for YOU. It will make a difference on your journey.

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