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Fiercely Free Friday

Living fearlessly, faithfully, and fiercely free is something most if not each of us desires. While this sounds so awesome, I am confident that it means something different for many. While it doesn't mean that we live without fear, we mustn't allow ourselves to become hostage to fear and limit our lives.

So how do we live a truly fearless, faithful, and fiercely free life? It is often the painful, hurtful, and challenging circumstances that God uses to usher us into a place of trust. This trust fuels our ability to live a life led by the Spirit, step by step in faith. And it also, my friends, releases the power to live fearlessly, faithfully, and fiercely free lives!

Fierce Spiritual Wellness Affirmation

I commit to living fearlessly, faithfully, and fiercely free, which empowers me to start doing what I've been afraid to do!

6 Spiritual Wellness Ingredients

  1. Release the fear of failure.

  2. Release the fear of rejection.

  3. Stop worrying about what others may think of you.

  4. Elevate your faith.

  5. Freely love you!

  6. Take the limits off!

Call to Action

Based on the story your body is telling you, embrace the truth that you grow fearless by walking into the fears that empowers you to integrate one of the fierce spiritual wellness ingredients that nurture your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

'Join the 'Me-Time Movement!'



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